The Best Blackjack Tips and Tricks to Help You Win More Money


Blackjack is a classic casino game that requires strategy and skill to play. While some players believe that the game is purely luck-based, others say that there are specific strategies that can help improve a player’s payoff. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best blackjack tips and tricks to help you win more money.

A basic strategy chart is a great way to make the right decisions at the table. These charts are based on the results of millions of computer simulations and will give you a clear picture of how to play. Using a basic strategy chart can significantly improve your odds of winning at blackjack.

Another good way to increase your payouts and chances of winning is through secondary bets. These are side-bets that you can place on a particular hand, and they often offer higher payouts than standard bets. Some of these secondary bets include splitting and doubling down. While these bets are not necessary to win, they can be very profitable when played properly.

Splitting is a good option whenever your starting two cards are of equal value, such as two nines or two threes. This will create two separate hands that can be played independently of each other, and it can lead to a much better outcome than just standing. It’s also a good idea to split pairs of eights and aces, as well as any other pair of face cards or tens.

When to hit in blackjack

Generally, it is a good idea to hit when your cards add up to 11 or less, especially against a dealer that has a weak upcard. It is also a good idea to hit when you have a soft 18 or below against a dealer’s card of five or six. If you have a hard 17, however, it’s often better to stand.

When to stand in blackjack

Standing can be one of the most difficult parts of playing blackjack, but there are some situations when it is statistically smart to do so. It’s usually a good idea to stand when you have a hand that totals 16 or below, or when the dealer has a weak upcard of seven or higher.

Buying insurance is an expensive side bet that gives the casino an edge over the player. It’s a big money-maker for casinos, and it can be very tempting to take it when you have a strong hand. But, as Frank Scoblete points out in his book Beat Blackjack Now, it’s not worth blowing your monthly mortgage payment on.